Small Oklahoma Oil, Gas Company reacts to Russian oil news

TULSA, Oklahoma — OKC News 9

Local oil and gas companies are closely monitoring developments in Russia.

This includes Dewey Bartlett, the former mayor of Tulsa, who is also chairman of Keener Oil and Gas. Keener Oil and Gas is a small company that has been in the family for over a hundred years.

Bartlett said banning Russian oil was the right move. However, he said it highlights the need for American energy independence, which he says has been made worse by President Biden’s policies.

Bartlett said the president’s decision was more of a political decision. For a small business like his, he doesn’t expect a major impact right away.

“We have to deal with the high prices,” he said. “A lot of people think, ‘Since you’re in the oil business, you must really like it.’ Well, the prices are ok. But we still have to pay the same price for gasoline as for diesel. Every service we have is very energy-intensive.

Last week, Governor Stitt wrote a letter to the president stressing that Oklahoma was ready to meet increased demand for oil and gas production.

Bartlett said Oklahoma is unique in that most of our land is not owned by the federal government. If the United States decides to import again, perhaps from a country like Venezuela, Bartlett said it would cost more.

“It will be the market price,” he said. “And that will however be the high price is that we will not have options. We will have to pay it.

Analysts say Europe is much more dependent on Russian oil than the United States.

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Felix J. Dixon