Ministry of Commerce Ensures Availability of Affordable Cooking Oil

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta Indonesia’s Ministry of Commerce pledged on Tuesday to ensure that cooking oil The supply will be available nationwide at an affordable price after the distribution of “single pack cooking oil” at a price of Rp 14,000 per liter to a larger area.

“We ensure that cooking oil remains available at affordable prices so that people can source cooking oil in all types of markets, both modern retail and traditional markets.” Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi said in a January 4 statement.

The government’s provision of affordable cooking oil distribution came after soaring market prices for this type of product. When the price drops, the government will subsidize it with funds from the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDP).

The Ministry of Commerce also coordinated with cooking oil producers, distributors and regional administrations to ensure cooking oil scarcity will never happen in national markets.

The current rise in cooking oil prices is a by-product of the increase in the global value of crude palm oil (CPO) to 1340 USD / MT.

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Felix J. Dixon