Lawmakers Push For Keystone XL Pipeline Amid Oil Price Spike | Politics

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – State lawmakers are opening the conversation about energy independence at the state level after the invasion of Ukraine and the resulting spike in oil prices.

Oil inventories jumped to over $105 a barrel, the highest value since 2014, according to Reuters. The price spike stabilized at less than $100 a barrel after an announcement from Biden that the United States is coordinating with other countries to release oil reservesreports Reuters.

Three Pennsylvania senators, Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35), Joe Pittman (R-41) and Gene Yaw (R-23), intend to introduce a resolution urging President Biden to restart the Keystone XL pipeline .

The United States imports more than 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Russia, according to a statement from the Republican Senate Communications Office. The invasion of Ukraine jeopardizes the availability of this supply in the future and casts a long shadow of uncertainty over future prices.

“This resolution demands that we re-engage in the discussion on energy independence,” Langerholc said. “We must use the abundant natural resources we and our allies have at our fingertips to set us on the path to energy independence.”

“Unless we act now to increase domestic oil and gas production, there will be little other way to protect Americans from extraordinary price increases,” Yaw said.

Pittman noted a link between energy resources and maintaining allies amid the international crisis.

“The United States should pursue a total energy production effort to not only give our country independence from energy produced by Russia or any other energy produced by those who do not share the interests of America, but also providing our allies with a supply of energy. This does not come at the expense of the freedom of other sovereign nations,” Pittman said.

“The Keystone XL pipeline is essential to our national energy infrastructure and it is also very symbolic of a desire to secure our energy independence not only for economic interests but also for national security interests.”

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