Biden, Putin plan summit on Ukraine, cryptocurrency, oil prices and Trump social TRUTH

US stock markets, as well as the bond market, will be closed on Monday.

Equity futures will trade on an abbreviated schedule. Shares will close at 1:30 p.m.

Commodity futures, such as energy and metals, will trade until 2:30 p.m.

Markets in Europe and Asia are trading according to their usual hours.

Oil prices fall after Biden, Putin summit tentatively set, Iran deal near?

Oil prices fell on Monday on a plan by US President Joe Biden and Russia’s Vladimir Putin to hold a summit on the Ukraine crisis and the prospects for a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers within a week. or two.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said in a statement on Monday that it had offered the two leaders a summit on “security and strategic stability in Europe.”

The White House said Biden agreed to the meeting “in principle” but only “if an invasion didn’t happen.” , its highest level since Wednesday.

Crypto Makes Gains Early Monday, Bitcoin Below $40,000

Cryptocurrency prices were recouping some of the weekend’s losses, which saw Bitcoin plunge below $40,000.

Early Monday, Bitcoin was trading at around $39,290 (+1.26%), while rivals Ethereum and Dogecoin were trading at $2,744 (+3.45%) and 13.96 cents (2.07%) , respectively, Coindesk reported.

Cyberthieves targeting crypto and traditional bank accounts have intensified their illegal activities over the past year, leading to a significant increase in the number of reported SIM card crimes.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation received more than 1,600 SIM card swapping complaints in 2021, the agency said, resulting in estimated losses of up to $68 million. In the previous three years, the FBI had received a total of 320 complaints, totaling about $12 million in losses, he said.

Biden and Putin tentatively agree to Ukraine summit

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed on “the principle” of meeting for a summit on “security and strategic stability in Europe”, but which will only take place if Russia does not not invade Ukraine.

The summit will be discussed by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov when they meet on Thursday.

The potential summit was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday, and a press release said the summit “can only be held on the condition that Russia does not invade Ukraine.”

The announcement comes just hours after Fox News confirmed that Russian commanders had been ordered to carry out an invasion of Ukraine.

Trump TRUTH Social on the Apple App Store

Former President Donald Trump’s TRUTH Social appears to be widely available on the Apple App Store, not just to Americans who have pre-ordered it.

The app appeared just before midnight, ahead of the schedule previously announced by FOX Business.

A source familiar with the rollout had told FOX Business Sunday that the company was operating on a phased approach and explained that TRUTH Social will welcome new users who have pre-ordered the app over the next 10 days.

Those who pre-ordered the app on the Apple Store will be able to access it at midnight.T

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